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About us

There's a reason why our motto is Unity in Diversity!

At the Union of National Employees, we believe diversity is what makes us stronger. We represent more than 22 000 members, working in 67 different workplaces. Our members work in the public, private and non-profit sectors, in all corners of our great country and around the world.

We are teachers and mechanics, librarians and foreign service officers, plumbers and researchers, clerical workers and program administrators, passport officers and investigators —and more.

Our union exists to protect, promote and serve the interests of our members in all sectors, placing a greater focus on workers’ rights and human rights. Working together, we aim to improve our members’ lives and, by extension, those of the larger Canadian public.

We are an organization that is greatly supported by the help of volunteers. Our local activists provide invaluable help at the grassroots level. That's why we do our best to give them the tools, knowledge and authority they need to assist our members.

To find out more about our members and where they work, please click here.

Want to get involved? You can make a difference!

The union setting offers a welcoming environment that embraces and respects diversity. If you want to get involved, we highly encourage you to contact the president of your local. You can also send an email to getinvolved@une-sen.org and we'll gladly direct your message to the appropriate person.

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