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Meeting minutes

If you're looking for meeting minutes, we've put them all in one place to make them easier to find.

We've gone ahead and archived all records dated 2010 or older. If you're looking for a document that has been archived, please send us a detailed email at communications@une-sen.org and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


National Executive Meeting Minutes

NE MTG 2017-10  

NE MTG 2017-08  

NE MTG 2017-06  

NE MTG 2017-04

NE MTG 2017-03

NE MTG 2017-01  

NE MTG 2016-10  

NE MTG 2016-04  

NE MTG 2016-01  

NE MTG 2015-09  

NE MTG 2015-01  

NE MTG 2014-10  

NE MTG 2014-08  

NE MTG 2014-05  

NE MTG 2014-04  

NE MTG 2013-10  

NE MTG 2013-04  

NE MTG 2013-01  

NE MTG 2012-09

NE MTG 2012-04  

NE MTG 2012-01  

NE MTG 2011-10  

NE MTG 2011-08  

NE MTG 2011-01  

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