National President’s Statement following the Announcement on Mandatory Vaccination for Federal Public Servants

October 7, 2021

As the Union of National Employees (UNE) National President, I wish to affirm that PSAC has released a communications statement on the matter of a vaccine mandate on October 6, 2021 with respect to employees of the core public administration, along with Crown corporations, and conveyances such as federally regulated air or rail travel.

It is expected that this policy will be mirrored to other federal departments and agencies that may not be Treasury Board specific.

Many members are worried about attestation disclosures and personal medical information being divulged to employers.

PSAC is working with its legal section to ensure representation for those who have chosen a path not to be vaccinated, either for reasons of medical grounds that warrant an exemption, religious grounds that warrant an exemption, along with those who do not believe in the safety of the currently approved vaccines.

The above concerns are neither exhaustive nor all inclusive.

I wish to state that PSAC, along with other federal public sector unions and employee associations, were not meaningfully consulted prior to the introduction of this policy by the Government of Canada.

As a component, UNE will be forwarding concerns on this matter to PSAC, for consideration of its political, legal and communications communities.

Respectfully Submitted and in Solidarity,

Kevin King
National President
Union of National Employees PSAC