Budget 2021: PSAC welcomes historic child care funding and $15 minimum wage

April 19, 2021

PSAC welcomes the measures in the 2021 budget that respond to the needs of Canadians hardest hit by the pandemic. 

Our union is also very pleased to see the historic investment in universal child care,  a commitment to finally establishing a federal $15 minimum wage, and resources to battle systemic racism in the federal public service and beyond. 

“This historic investment in universal child care is a lifeline for parents who are struggling to afford rising child care fees,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC national president. “This is a major victory for our union and child care advocates who have been fighting for affordable, accessible and universal child care for decades.” 

The program is key to ensuring parents, especially women who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, re-join the workforce and help drive Canada’s economic recovery.  

The government’s increased pandemic support, including the new Canada Recovery Hiring Program, recognizes PSAC members’ success in delivering these critical services to Canadians and underscores the important role of a strong public service. 

“Now more than ever, Canadians need to be reassured that they’ll still be able to pay their bills even if they can’t work because of COVID-19,” said Aylward. “Public service workers stepped up when Canadians needed them most, and they’ll continue to deliver the financial aid workers depend on.” 

It remains disappointing that the government failed to act on its commitment to create a national, universal pharmacare program. Canadians need pharmacare now more than ever as workers continue to lose access to prescription drug coverage because of pandemic job losses.

The government also continues to fund important community infrastructure by putting the profits of private companies before the needs of Canadians through the Canada Infrastructure Bank and increased Social Financing.  

“Privatization of public assets and services costs more, provides poorer service and increases safety and security risks, all while leaving the government – and Canadian taxpayers – on the hook to foot the larger bill,” said Aylward. 

Source: Budget 2021: PSAC welcomes historic child care funding and $15 minimum wage | Public Service Alliance of Canada (psacunion.ca)