Passport members called on for assistance to Canadians during COVID-19

Service Canada has announced that in person SCC offices will be shut down effective March 27, 2020 for the safety of all.

The employer has indicated a need for Passport employees to assist with critical work. The UNE has been part of many discussions in order to ensure our members safety while being able to assist Canadians in need.

We understand that employment insurance volumes have exploded. Along with the critical work already being done, the shift will now be to primarily serve Canadians who need critical assistance by a new E-Service online form. This will allow staff to receive e-service requests and call clients back to assist them with getting onto the system for benefits. For Passport members asked to assist, we have been advised that training will be provided and the work can be performed at home.

The UNE does not normally want members to perform work outside their job description or in other programs. However, we know that Canadians are relying on certain services and that many members want to assist in the safest way possible. The closing of Service Canada offices means that members can help in a safer way.

We will continue to monitor the situation with your input and will expect that after the emergency has passed, Passport members will return to only performing work within their own program and job description. The employer has confirmed this request is for these exceptional times only.

Please continue to report any issues that you may have through the local and to your regions.