Important Information on Phoenix for UNE Members

Do you have a problem with your pay?

The Phoenix Pay System continues to affect a high percentage of UNE members. While the Union lobbies for a solution, here’s the latest on what you can do if you experience pay issues.

First, the Union has worked with your employer to create Steps 1-3 to help you within your workplace. It’s imperative that you follow these steps before escalating your issues to UNE.

  • On the chart, you can see there are three steps to complete within your workplace before contacting the Union.
  • Note the Case Priority Order. It’s important that you have realistic expectations as so many employees are experiencing pay problems.
  • Check out the bubbles outlining case-specific examples.

Finally, if your issues are still not resolved, move on to Step 4. Ensure you include all the information, especially a statement where you give written consent to PSAC to escalate your file to the Pay Centre and your PRI (Personal Record Identifier).

You can download a PDF of the graphic here.

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