Update: PSAC Taking Pay Equity Dispute with SSO to an Independent Third Party

This summer the PSAC became aware that SSO’s pay equity settlement calculations failed to include paid leaves, overtimes rates, full compensation for designated paid holidays and other forms of compensation.  After numerous members filed appeals stating that they believed there was an error in the calculations of their payments, the PSAC and SSO began discussions in an effort to resolve this dispute.  Unfortunately, these discussions have not been able to resolve the pay equity dispute affecting between 20,000 and 25,000 current and former members who worked for SSO between 1985 and 2013.

While the purpose of the pay equity settlement was to remedy a long-standing discriminatory wage rate, SSO is unwilling to pay their female dominated workforce what the PSAC feels they are entitled to in the settlement. Rest assured, the PSAC will continue to fight for pay equity and is committed to standing up for members and former members.  As a result, the PSAC will be taking this dispute to an independent 3rd party for a final and binding decision.   Our members and former members have waited long enough for their discriminatory wage rate to be adjusted and deserve to be appropriately compensated.

In the meantime, Statistics Canada will continue to gather information and process payments. Once a decision has been reached, we will communicate the outcome to all those affected.