Update on SSO pay equity settlement

It has recently come to the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s attention that Statistical Survey Operation (SSO)’s pay equity settlement calculations fail to include paid leaves, overtime rates, full compensation for designated paid holidays and other forms of compensation. Rest assured, PSAC will be challenging SSO’s application of the Memorandum of Agreement, as we do not believe it is in keeping with the pay equity agreement reached between the PSAC and SSO.

We recommend that members and former members affected file an appeal as soon as possible in order to adhere to the 120-day timeline specified in the settlement. PSAC is not able to file these appeals on your behalf. Each member or former member must file an individual appeal.

PSAC’s legal counsel has recommended using the following template language for appeals:

“I believe there has been an error in the calculation of my payment pursuant to the settlement agreement between PSAC and SSO. In particular, the calculation fails to include paid leave, overtime rates, full compensation for designated paid holidays, and other forms of compensation during the relevant period of time.”

PSAC recommends that members and former members affected adhere to the timelines and process specified in the appeals process outlined in the attached letter. Please pass this message along to members and former members who could be affected.

Your appeal should be sent to statcan.ssopayequityoesequitesalariale.statcan@canada.ca, with a copy to classification@psac-afpc.com

If you have questions please contact classification@psac-afpc.com.


Source: http://psacunion.ca/revised-update-sso-pay-equity-settlement

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