Reminder – PSAC Pins and Certificates for Years of Service

At the Union of National Employees, and at the Public Service Alliance of Canada, much of what we do would not be possible without the tireless work of our many volunteers. That is why I am proud to take this opportunity to extend a sincere thanks to those members.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada’s Award of Merit for members was established as an acceptable method to recognize members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada who have rendered service of the greatest distinction and of singular excellence in any field of endeavour, benefiting the PSAC or its members.

Applications for the Award of Merit may be sponsored by a Local, a Component or a member of the National Board of Directors.  Please complete the application carefully. The eligibility criteria and application form can be found on the PSAC website at

The deadline for the submission of applications to be considered in any one calendar year is November 30th.

In solidarity,

Doug Marshall
National President
Union of National Employees, PSAC

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