In case you missed It… Your regional seminar is fast approaching

April 8, 2017
RA Centre
2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1H 7X

Your regional seminar is fast approaching and it’s the best place to learn about our union and the many things we do.

This event is jam-packed with lectures and workshops to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you’ll need to help our members. It’s also a great place to meet active members just like you and forge long-lasting friendships.

For a sneak-peek at what else we have in store for you, check out the agenda.

You should select representatives from your Local to attend the seminar. The Union of National Employees will fund two delegates per Local as well as one youth:

  1. One delegate should be the local president or designate.
  2. One delegate from each local should be a youth delegate. (A youth delegate is defined as a member who will be 35 years or younger on December 31, 2017.)

During the seminar, youth delegates will elect two of their peers to represent them as delegates to our 2017 convention.

Locals may send additional members at their own expense.

Locals should encourage the participation of members belonging to equity-seeking groups.

You must register by Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Unfortunately, we cannot consider late registrations.


Should you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Boucher at:

In solidarity,

Your regional team:

Richard Ballance, Regional Vice-President, NCR-Treasury Board
Cindy D’Alessio, Assistant Regional Vice-President, NCR-Treasury Board
David Cardinal, Assistant Regional Vice-President, NCR-Treasury Board
June Dale, Regional Representative for Human Rights, NCR-Treasury Board

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