Solidarity with Quebec Students

Last night, in Ottawa, tons of UNE and PSAC members came to stand in solidarity with striking Quebec students. The strike movement began more than 100 days ago over rising tuition fees. It has grown dramatically ever since the provincial government attempted to quell the protests by adopting Bill 78. The new law, which imposes strict regulations on demonstrations and levies heavy fines for students, has only galvanized support for the movement.

Protesters gathered at Confederation Park in Ottawa’s downtown, where a number of activists spoke to the importance of the movement. Among the speakers was PSAC President Robyn Benson.

“The Public Service Alliance of Canada stands proudly in solidarity with the student movement in Quebec and speaks out strongly against Bill 78,” said Benson

The rally invaded the streets of Ottawa, winding through the heart of downtown Ottawa, made its way into the famous Byward Market before crossing the bridge into Gatineau, Quebec. A number of apartment and condo dwellers took to their balconies, waving red blankets and banging on pots and pans to show their support.

“A thousand people walking from one side of the river to the other, in solidarity with Quebec students, for me, it’s an inspiring demonstration of the power of our voices and of our joint action,” said Sophie Tremblay-Morissette, a UNE member and communications officer for the PSAC-NCR’s Young Workers Committee.

“Let’s do it every night if we have to!”

We caught tons of amazing pictures last night. Go to our Flickr page to see them.