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October 4th Sisters in Spirit Vigils: A movement for social change

This is an invitation to celebrate, honour and support Indigenous women, girls and their families on October 4th  by attending or holding a Sisters in Spirit Vigil. A Sisters in Spirit Vigil can take many forms – from a moment … Continue reading

UNE Multiculturalism Day

Each year, our members celebrate our union’s diversity on August 14. We encourage you to take this opportunity to find out more about the  rich cultural mosaic that surrounds us in our workplaces and in our communities!

Library Seeking Major Concessions in Negotiations

PSAC bargaining team pushing for improvements to working conditions.  On Wednesday, August 5th our Bargaining Team for the AS and LT groups met with the Library of Parliament to commence negotiations for a new collective agreement. When presenting our package … Continue reading

Vote to Stop the Cuts!

Help us spread our Vote To Stop The Cuts campaign message. Transform your profile pic now! http://votetostopthecuts.ca/fb-photo/ Check out the full campaign here – http://votetostopthecuts.ca/

PSAC Pins and Certificates for Years of Service

At the Union of National Employees, and at the Public Service Alliance of Canada, much of what we do would not be possible without the tireless work of our many volunteers. That is why I am proud to take this … Continue reading

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